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Why should you share private rented accommodation with other students?

Posted in Education

From a financial point of view, staying at home is a good option because you will save a lot of money compared to your friends that will choose to live in university halls of residence. But if your home is not located near a reasonable travelling distance from university, you should commit to private rented accommodation. Many students choose to share private rented accommodation with other students because like you they cannot afford to pay the rent on their own. In addition to the rent savings that comes with sharing student accommodation Edinburgh Universities, you will not be so lonely during your first year. There are several benefits to having a roommate, as follows:

Paying the rent

If you have a joint tenancy agreement, then you and other tenants will have exactly the same rights. To be more precise, all of you are liable for paying the rent. Should one of you misses the rent, then you will all be responsible. Basically each tenant is responsible for their particular share. Nonetheless, you have the freedom of leaving whenever you want. On the other hand, if someone else want to leave, then you can find a more acceptable tenant.

Sharing the costs

When you are living together with other people, it is everyone’s responsibility to clean the house, but, most important, to share the cost of cleaning supplies. If this does not happen, then you will have a very awkward living situation. Pitching in equally with regards to household duties and supplies is essential. If you are unlucky enough to have a roommate that does not contribute to the house, barely pays his rent and invites friends over, you should avoid open confrontations. You should do this for the sake of keeping the peace.

Opportunities to make friends

When everyone lives in student accommodation it is fairly easy to make friends. Just like you, everyone will be nervous and excited about the start of the year, so living in student housing gives you the advantage of the friendly atmosphere. In some cases, the tenants are international students, so if you wished you could make friends from all around the world, you can. Besides splitting the utilities bills and cable, you can share a Netflix account. It is also nice to know that the people around you are undergraduates like yourself.


As mentioned before, living with other undergraduates is different from living at home. If you are like most people, then you did not use to do chores, repairs, not to mention pay the bills. If you had to choose between living at home or in student accommodation, then the latter is a great opportunity to learn how to be less dependent of your family.

Living away from home is an experience that any student should try at least once in their university life. There are many practical perks of sharing housing, not to mention that you will have a lot of fun.

What you should know before starting a racking business

Posted in Family Business

It is commonly known that some people who work in the corporate system reach a certain point where they simply cannot handle the stress and pressure of working for their superiors. Those people mostly decide to start their own business and become their own managers. If you are one of those persons, you should think from the very beginning of a domain in which to start your business and one good idea might be to found a company in the racking industry. You can provide people with cantilever racking for sale for example or with other types of racking and shelving units. You can read some useful tips below that might help you in the business you are about to start.

Choose the right location

First things first, it is highly important to think of a proper location for your business and this should depend on the type of products you want to provide – industrial purpose, home-use or both. In case you choose the third option, you have to make sure you place your business in the proximity of those big companies that need industrial racking and shelving units. This way, transportation will be done a lot easier. You have to pay attention and target only those companies that actually need industrial shelving.

Choose the right products

Another thing that is highly important for your business is the range of products you decide to put at your clients’ disposal. It is recommended to examine the marketplace first, because it will be a lot easier this way to determine what is in most demand for the moment and thus predict what will be in demand in the near future. In case you decide to provide only industrial shelving for instance, you have to make sure you can provide heavy-duty products too, because these are the ones mostly used in industries such as construction. In case you want to provide racking units for home-use too, you might want to consider offering your customers a wider variety of products of different sizes, colours, patterns and designs from which they can choose what best fits their needs and budget.

Tips for promoting your business

After you have decided on these important aspects, you have to think of ways to promote your newly released business. The first and probably most effective way is to use the Internet. Create a website of your company where you can present the products that you provide, along with the price list and other specifications that people might be interested in. Furthermore, you have to consider promoting your business on various social networks too. Taking into account that people live in the era of rush and technological advances, you have to take advantage of this. What you can also do is a mobile app for your business, where people can place orders for example. Nowadays, the smartphone has become some sort of extension of people’s arms, since they spend daily a great deal of time on their phones, browsing the Internet or spending time on social networks. Such an app will definitely boost your success.

Types of roommates you are bound to have during college

Posted in Perfect Household

Moving into a student dorm or suite apartment for the first time is definitely an exciting experience for any person about to start their college experience. If this is the first time you will have a roommate, you should prepare yourself knowing that there are many types of people out there and that you should accept them the way they are. This is a short guide of some of the people you will find during your student accommodation University of Aberdeen experience:


The roommate who’s never there

This person is constantly going home, staying at their loved one or is at the library. They might say that they are going home for the weekend, but then Sunday evening comes and they are nowhere to be seen. By the time you start to get worried, 5 days have passed without seeing them and then they suddenly stroll one Thursday afternoon and act like nothing happened. This is actually one of the roommates you should hope to have, because you will enjoy the benefits of a single room at half the price. However, don’t expect to become best friends, being that they will never be there, but if you ever get bored, you can always invite your friends over.


The one who is always there

Quite the opposite of the first type of roommate, this one will see as if they never leave the house. No matter of the hour, they always seem to be there, watching Netflix or using their computer. At some point you may begin to wonder if they ever attend any classes, but with a little patience you will learn their schedule and get used to their presence.


The party-goer

This person is always attending some party, even if it is Wednesday night and it is pouring rain outside. The problem is that they might also bring the party to your shared bedroom or apartment, in which case it might get uncomfortable, especially if you are not exactly a party animal and you would rather focus on your studies. If this is the case try to come up with a compromise and ask them to avoid staying in as well as find a library or a different place where you can study.

The night owl

Even though they have told you that they work better at night, somehow you will always be surprised when you find them at 3am in the morning, writing on their essay or playing on the computer. If you are bothered by their habit, be sure to ask them to wear their headphones whenever they are playing the computer or study with the lights off, because the desk lamp will do just fine. This is not a problem without a solution; it just takes a little effort from both parts.


These are just four types of roommates you might have during your college experience. Of course, if you are lucky enough you might just find a person who is exactly like you and become best friends from the very first day.

Why resort to moving services?

Posted in Perfect Household

Moving from one home to another is a hectic time and you need all the help you can get. There are so many things that need to be handled correctly, but because of stress you end up forgetting all sorts of aspects. This is why in most cases the actual moving process turns from a simple task into a real nightmare. A lot of people have decided to resort to professional help. Moving services North London located represent an actual solution and by the time you are finished with the move you realise that the decision to resort to such help was in fact a wise one. Perhaps you might be wondering why this is. If so, then here are three reasons that might be of help.


 Getting things ready in a heart bit


It is simpler to ask for the help of a real specialist when it comes to packing your belongings. Looking at your home and seeing just how many things you should be packing, a feeling of stress takes over and you are simply overwhelmed with everything. For this reason it might take you longer than expected to actually pack all your things, more than you had imagined. All individuals that have collaborated with professional movers know that experience matters. It helps when it comes to establishing priorities. A specialist knows exactly where to start and how to finish the packing faster. He or she is not overwhelmed by any feelings, nor is he stressed. Having this freedom, he will be able to do a much better job than you. Also, if some of your items are fragile, you can always take part in the process of packing and offer directions when it comes to this issue.


Secure packaging and transportation


When collaborating with a moving company you may rest assured that all your items are carefully packed and ready to be moved in the new location. Given the fact that these experts have a lot of experience in this domain, they will know exactly how to handle all your items and transport them safely to your new location. All items will be carefully looked after, including those that are fragile.


Save time and effort


Another reason for which people in such a great number choose the assistance of specialists is peace of mind. What everyone wants is to pass through this phases in a peaceful manner, involving as little stress as possible. When an experienced mover steps in, takes over and starts completing all the tasks that have troubled you are left with the silence and peace you have been looking for. This is really one of the strongest reasons for which people choose moving companies to do the work. The effort of placing items in boxes, then in the car and later on in the new home is simply too much and individuals prefer to allow someone else to handle the task.


Hopefully all the aspects mentioned above have convinced you that it is worth collaborating with a company specialised in this domain. All that remains is finding those that are indeed professional and dedicated.

Trend alert – the best ways to wear a skirt

Posted in Family Fashion


When it comes to street style trends, skorts have risen in popularity, becoming one of the most fashionable clothing items of the year. Because there are so stylish and comfortable at the same time, you should definitely have one or two in your closet. You can easily find a wide variety of skorts just by visiting an online women’s fashion store. If you want to keep up with the latest trends, then you should learn more about how you can accessorize and match a skort with other clothing items. Here are a few of the many ways you can wear this fashionable item.

Casual everyday look

The best part about skorts is that you can wear them basically everywhere, if you match them with the right clothes and accessories. For a casual everyday look, you can combine the skort with a pair of sneakers, flats or loafers, a basic graphic t-shirt, and if the weather is not so warm a blazer or a cardigan. Whether you are going grocery shopping or are planning to watch a movie at the cinema, this outfit is perfect for your street style look.

Saturday night outfit

Are you planning a night out with your friends, but you are not in the mood to wear a flirty dress? Then opt for a floral skort, which can be just as stylish as any dress you might have. Combine it with a white flowy blouse, a pair of green mint stilettos and a clutch and you are good to go. To make the outfit look more sophisticated and elegant, you can tuck the blouse in and put on an oversized necklace. You will look fashionable and you will certainly feel more confident than ever.

All black rock & roll look

There are women who love wearing an all black outfit, and women who hate it, but if you are one of those who enjoy this occasional look, then a black skort is certainly the way to go. You can manage to stand out even when you are not wearing any other colour than black. A black skort with a top of the same colour and a pair of biker boots will create the ideal outfit. Add a leather jacket and a small backpack of the same fabric, and you will certainly be dressesd like a fashion icon. Impress all of your friend with your good taste, and include this amazing and versatile clothing element in your wardrobe. All you need is a little bit of creativity to achieve the perfect look, regardless of the occasion.

With the right clothing combinations, skorts can soon become your favourite clothing item, and you will love wearing them. Start looking for an online clothing store that can provide you with the purchase opportunities you desire. Choose the skort design and print you like best and make sure you opt for high quality items. Be a fashionable and stylish appearance every day of the week, and follow the latest fashion trends.

The pros of hiring a nanny VS Day-care 

Posted in Perfect Family

Many parents face the need of choosing between day care and hiring a nanny. If you and your partner are debating which option would be in your child’s best interest, then there are a few things you should consider. When it comes to babysitters London, you have the opportunity of resorting to the help of a reputable nanny agency that can assist you in finding a babysitter who meets your needs and desires. If you are still uncertain if hiring a sitter is the best alternative for you, then these few advantages might help you make a decision.

Comfort and convenience

One of the main reason why may parents opt for a sitter instead of a day care is convenience. You will not need to take your child to day care every morning, because the babysitter will come to your house. During the winter or rainy days, day care can be a rather inconvenient alternative. Your kid can play and enjoy daily activities in the comfort of their own house and sleep in their own bed. Hiring a nanny is will be a comfortable option for your child, who will have the chance of staying in a familiar environment.

Schedule flexibility

When it comes to day care programs, the schedule is usually a predetermined one. Perhaps on some days, you will face the need of working late hours, go grocery shopping or take care of other problems. In comparison with a day care centre, the schedule of a babysitter will be more flexible. You can discuss with the nanny and together you can come up with the ideal schedule.

Peace of mind

As a parent, it can be hard at first to leave your child with strangers. Regardless of the reputation of the particular day care centre, you cannot avoid worrying. Because there are many children to be taken care of, perhaps your child will not receive the attention they need. When it comes to hiring a sitter, you will benefit from peace of mind, knowing that your kid will receive undivided attention. This is one of the most important reasons, why it is more advantageous to opt for a nanny rather than for a day care centre. You will no longer feel concerned that your kid might not be supervised properly, and you will know they are safe and sound at home.

Keeping these details in mind, hiring a nanny to look after your child will always be a better idea. If you want to avoid sending your kid to day care, then hiring a babysitter is a necessity. Because it can be a rather difficult and time-consuming process to find the right person for the job, you can opt to work with a reputable nanny agency that can recommend you a skilled, experienced and trustworthy sitter. Research the topic, and choose your nanny agency wisely, if you want to be certain that the person you will be hiring is worth your trust. Choose carefully, and your children will love to spend time with their sitter.

Crafting projects to embellish your home

Posted in Perfect Family

House decoration is something that seems quite fun in the beginning, but gets really difficult once you actually get started. There are so many options and so many alternatives to choose from, that you end up feeling overwhelmed. In addition to this, seeing the high prices from specialised stores may be discouraging, not to mention the lack of originality – most shops have similar product and you can hardly find something really creative and unique. For this reason, if you have just moved in and you need to decorate your home, but nothing you found in stores seems to be worth it, then you should start your own DIY projects. For those who are passionate about colours, beauty, crafting and innovation, this is the right solution. It is not only extremely fun, but also quite fruitful: all you have to do is purchase affordable craft supplies and get creative. There are so many things you can do, so here are some simple suggestions:

Get a new head board

If you want to create a majestic and original bedroom décor, then you probably already know that the bed should be the central element. If you do not want to invest in another bed for your new home or you are simply in love with the comfortable mattress of your old one, then you should think about a way to make it suitable to your new crib. To this end, the perfect solution is designing a great headboard and crafting it yourself. You will not need too many materials: cardboard, sponge, a large piece of fabric, special glue or pins and some buttons. The simplest project is to carve the cardboard depending on the shape you want the headboard to have, cover it with a thin layer of sponge and then add the piece of fabric. Stick it using glue or needles and add the buttons to accessorise.

Cover the walls with DIY artwork

Life is better when there is a bit of colour in your home. A vivid place makes you feel more joyful, which is why you have to insert some bright details in your house décor. To this end, the perfect thing you could do is create some DIY artworks for the walls. Whether it is a large paining made by your children on Mother’s Day or several small pictures you choose to frame, these will look amazing hanging in your living room or home office. In case you are talented, you can paint something yourself, but if not, you can always frame images of special moment sin your life, natural landscapes or even quotes.

Nice table setting

Whether you are preparing for Christmas or you just want to make small changes for the upcoming season, customising the table setting is quite efficient. You can always use an old table cloth and add elements such as polka dots or bows, or you can simply create some small decorations out of ribbon. The cutlery or the napkins will look amazing if you tie them up with a beautiful ribbon and everyone will admire your efforts.

Turn your back yard into a sophisticated outdoor retreat

Posted in Perfect Household

With a little bit of imagination and the right furniture items, you can transform any back yard into a wonderful oasis of peace without much effort. By redesigning your back yard in a comfortable and modern way, you can create an alfresco area, a beautiful extension to your home that you can enjoy during those warm days of summer. The first thing you need to take care of is deciding on a landscaping design and purchasing proper luxury patio furniture for a modern, yet sophisticated design. Here are a few things to consider if you desire to transform your back yard into an appealing outdoor retreat.

Choosing the right furniture items

This is the most important step in the entire process of redesigning your outdoor area. If you opt for the right furniture items, it will be an easy job to give your back yard an entirely different appearance. A hammock or a swing are items that should not miss from your design. If you want to create that perfect outdoor lounge area, pay close attention to the furniture items you purchase. Look for quality, fashionable color tones, and appropriate materials. With such a wide range of outdoor furniture items on the market, you can easily find ones that will suit your needs and desires.


If you desire to create a sophisticated outdoor retreat, comfort should be one of the main aspects to take care of. A few decorative accents can improve the overall design of the area and increase its functionality at the same time. Some colorful cushions, an outdoor rug or a hammock chair can have the role of increasing comfort and giving the area a more appealing design.

Landscape design

One of the most important aspects to take care of is the landscape design. Look for inspiration online, or think about what type of outdoor design would be more appropriate for your back yard’s space. Research the topic and discover the most popular landscaping techniques that are suitable for your location. Browse through outdoor design ideas and think about ways in which you can take fully advantage of the available space. When deciding on a landscape design, it is important to establish a budget. If you are willing to pay some extra money for your outdoor retreat, then you could think about installing a swimming pool or a hot tub as well. It all comes down to your financial possibilities and desires.

As you can see, it is not that difficult to create the ideal outdoor lounge. With a few ideas, and top quality furniture items, you will be able to transform your back yard into a stylish and comfortable outdoor retreat. The first thing you need to do is find a reputable online store that can provide you with many purchase opportunities. Make sure the supplier puts at your disposal only top quality items, and choose the ones you think would be more suitable for your taste. Invest in some luxury patio furniture, and the results of your outdoor designing project will be spectacular.

3 mistakes to avoid when choosing a roofing company

Posted in Perfect Household

It is commonly known that no matter how enduring and safe the roof of your house might be, it still needs some repairing from time to time. This is the moment when roofing companies come into scene. It is recommended to look for such a company from the first moment you notice that your roof needs to be repaired. Even though looking for the best couvreur Montreal might take you some time, it is all worth it in the end. In order to benefit from optimal results, you might want to read the three most common mistakes people make when choosing a roofing company, so you can be aware of them and avoid them.

Not working with professionals

This is one of the biggest mistakes people make when they are looking for a roofing company – not choosing a professional one. It is highly recommended to work only with professional companies, because this way you can be sure the results will be the ones you expect. There is a wide variety of companies on the market that provide roofing services, so you do not have to worry that you will not find one that matches both your needs and budget. All you have to do is spend some time and do some research online.

Choosing contractors who do not stand behind their work

Another mistake people tend to make is to hire cheaper contractors, thinking that this way they will save some money. However, in most cases, these cheap contractors do not also bring the necessary roofing materials, making you spend some extra money on these materials. This might cost you even more money than in the case of choosing a professional company. Look for contractors that assure you they bring the right roofing materials too. A self-respecting and reputable company will stand behind their work and will only use high quality roofing materials.

Not having all estimates in writing

Not getting all the estimates in writing is also a mistake that most people are prone to make. The moment you interview various potential contractors, it is recommended to get such estimates on a piece of paper too, because this way you can get a clearer idea upon the type of materials the contractor is going to use, along with the warranty period they assure for their work on your roof. Some contractors provide 20-year warranty, while others 40-year warranty. Knowing this aspect from the very beginning is highly important.

Tips to find a reliable car parts provider

Posted in Perfect Family

Vehicle owners have at their disposal many companies that sell car parts when they have to replace their suspensions or other car parts, but the most convenient option is purchasing the parts they are looking for from an online store. This means that they do not have to actually visit the auto market and they save more time. Whether they have to purchase new mats, roof boxes, alloy wheels or other essential items, they can simply browse through the products offered by a provider like, and see what options they have. However, when buying online, people have to be sure that they collaborate with a trustworthy provider. Here are some tips that will help them find a reliable company.

Do some research

When buying new car parts for their vehicle, people have to be sure that they do not waste their money on items, which might deteriorate in the near future. Therefore, they should not hurry to buy from a certain online store, but they should take their time and do some research to see what customers have to say about some of the most well known names. It is advisable to purchase from a company that is reliable, because they can be sure that the products they are buying are exactly the ones they need. They should scan the web and see what the best options available are. It is important to also read the terms and conditions carefully, because they have to be sure that the delivery options and possible extra fees satisfy them.

Analyse the sales page

One important step in finding a reliable car parts provider is to check its sales page to see if it offers different types of products. There are cases when the ordered item is not suited for a car, and the owner has to replace it, therefore they have to be sure that the company they choose have many models of the same item. In addition, reliable companies have a large and diverse stock, because they have to meet different requirements of the market. The next step would be to see if the products listed on the sales category have a detailed description of their features. This not only that assures the buyers that they collaborate with a trustworthy company which tries to offer its clients quality products, but also helps them understand if a certain item is the one they are looking for.

Check the contact details

One important tip would be to check the contact details available on the website to see if there is someone who would help them in case they might experience any unpleasant situation. Having a functional customer service department is a sign that the company is reliable and it strives to offer its clients support. People should send an email to the company and wait for a reply, in case they get it, it means that the provider is reliable and they can buy products from its online store.