Friday, November 1, 2013

The Elle Train

Elle has been visiting the nurse a lot at school. So much so that I began to think she was escaping the classroomremoving herself from overwhelming or loud situations has been her coping mechanism since she was a toddler. Our sweet nurse and Elle's teacher agreed to make it official by giving Elle a "brain break" every day—a scheduled time when she can go to the very quiet nurse's office and color for a half-hour or so. They're now her favorite part of the day. Here's an email describing her most recent brain break:

What a wonderful blessed conversation I am hearing from my office; Elle is here for her brain break, and she's talking to the young girl next to her and they have quite a lot in common. Elle has helped this young lady feel better and before you know it, I hear Elle sharing the fact that she has autism. The young girls reply--"okay, we are all different! ". 
Praise God for that response. Elle seemed pleased and continued to talk to her.  I went back and talked to them and encouraged the friendship. I pointed out that Elle has the other young girl smiling and feeling better. That is a gift. There is a grade between them but the other girl is from an HBF family and is new to this school too.
God is awesome!!! Love seeing this before my eyes. I thought it might bless you as well.
Your daughter is sweet and very creative. A true blessing. I am loving getting to know her. She brings a smile to my face every day. 
In His Hands,


  1. That's our precious Elle.
    Assuming HBF means Harvest Bible Fellowship?

  2. This is beautiful! Love when kids just love each other instead of being trapped in competition or comparison.


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