Sunday, March 30, 2014

Love and Loss. And Jesus.

The following is an open letter my dear friends wrote hours after losing the little girl they'd been fostering for six months. I'm near speechless by their words, teary-eyed, and blessed to have authentic, loving, compassionate, faith-filled people in my life, who set the bar for what following Jesus looks like.

When I asked Regan for permission to share, she said, "Sure, but let people know that just because you join a "heroic" ministry doesn't mean you will win." Which I understand and agree with. I'd also add that God is faithful to complete the work He starts, and will be faithful to little Faith in ways we can't imagine.

Happy Sunday, readers. Please remember Faith, Regan and Matt in your prayers. And be blessed by my friends.

Dear Friends, March 26, 14

This letter is to thank you for participating in the journey our family has been on for the past 6 months. 

Not everyone is called to foster care, but after our first time in the system, we have come to realize that if it were not for all of you, we wouldn’t have made it. It’s like carrying a match into Mordor without a faithful crew to journey with, and I feel overwhelmed by the light you all have given to this dark path.

I know some of you have prayed. Some of you I have never met have been on your knees for this girl. I am astonished and have never been so deeply moved by the body of Christ. We are a communion of saints; an army of believers, and you have carried this child and our family to the throne of God when we were unable to. You have called, emailed, texted and prayed with us when we were too angry or hurt to talk to God. You didn’t shy away from our unbelief, you waded into the water with us, and as a result we came out on the banks of trust. Not understanding, but trust.

Some of you have put clothes on the body of this child. This little lamb came to us with nothing but the clothes on her back. Not a pillow, a doll, nothing. You dropped off toys, stuffed animals, clothes, shoes, books…. She walked into a strange home and had more than she needed because of your loving generosity.

Some of you brought meals to us the first week we had her. Which was a lifesaver, because I was too busy to even THINK about what to make when 5pm rolled around. It was true comfort for our soul, like an ingestible hug. We felt loved and cared for.

Some of you spent time with Faith. With loving affection you gave her numerous piggy back rides, goldfish crackers, gifts on her birthday, high fives, hugs, smiles and of course, words of everlasting life and peace. Those of you kind enough to spend time with this child saw how bright she is, what an old soul lies within her body and you cared. You held her hand through the uncertainty of her future, the vivid pain of her loss and the memories of her past. We thank you friends, for being faithful to the truth of her situation. Thank you for thinking before speaking. Thank you for listening and letting her be her crazy little self.

Saturday, the little girl we love will be going home to live with her Father in Texas. We are grieving this loss, but I can with honesty assure you this is HIS plan. We prayed for His will to be done, and even though we cannot know why now, we will believe God is in compete control. We know how much He loves Faith, and we are confident He will guard and protect her. In the meantime, we will be still and know. We will stop striving and let go. We will wait for our hearts to heal and get up and do it all over again. Not because we are strong, or great, or good people, but because the love of Christ compels us to go back in again. Thank you, friends, for journeying with us. We could never have loved her as well without you.
~Regan and Matthew Williams

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  1. Your friends likely know this, but please assure them if they don't. What love they shared with this little girl will stay with her for a lifetime. I was younger than Faith when I was in foster care, yet I remember with clarity my foster parents' names and the investment they made in me. I still think of them often and praise God for the gift of their love. Beautiful post.


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