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Are you a good candidate for breast implants

Are you a good candidate for breast implants

Nowadays the majority of women have considered at least once to have a breast surgery, some of them want to opt for a bigger size, but there are also cases, when they do not find comfortable with a voluminous size, and they would opt for a smaller one. The number of breast augmentations seems to be bigger than the one of reductions, and if you want to opt for a breast enhancement, you should know that you have to take into consideration some aspects. You might have heard that some of the patients are not contempt with the results, and if you want to avoid this type of situation, you should be informed. You will have to see a doctor, who will tell you if you are a good candidate or not, but if you do not have patience and you want to find the answer before heading to the office, then you should take your time and read this article.

Consider your age

When you are having a surgery, of any type, you have to consider your age. Depending on the area where you are living, the minimum age of being able for having a breast enhancement might differ. Therefore, you should consult the law from your country to see what the minimum age for this intervention is. Despite the fact that in the majority of countries the legal ages for this surgery is in the teens, doctors highly recommend for women to wait until they twenties, because they have to see how they body develop. Also, the age is important, because once you decide to have breast augmentation, you will have to repeat the surgeries for all your life, because at some periods the implants have to be changed. Make sure you discuss with reliable surgeons, such as the ones from, to understand the age requirements for breast implants and how they impact your lifestyle.

Check your health state

When you will meet with your doctor, you will see that your first discussion would be about your health state, because they have to be sure that you do not suffer from any medical issues that might affect you. You should discuss with the surgeon your medical history, because he has to be sure that the results of the surgery will not affect the implants suitability. It is very important to inform your doctor if you have suffered in the past from any tissue deformities or damage.


When you are considering this surgery, you have to set some expectations, because you have to inform your doctor what your goal is. You have to seriously consider that your look will be affected, and also your self-confidence, and it could be in a positive sense if you are satisfied with the result, but there is also the possibility to not be pleased with the result. When you are seeing a doctor, they could help you make an idea on how you would look, because some of them have special programs that allow them to transform the pictures of their patients according to the size of implants they are opting for. When you are choosing to have this surgery, you have to be completely committed that you want breast enhancement for all your life.