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Basement insulation will solve many issues

Basement insulation will solve many issues

If you live in an area where it is cold, then you should insulate your basement walls. The crawlspace underneath your home is actually the greatest area of winter heat loss. Even though many people strongly believe that the heat rises, the truth is that the heat will always move from a warmer environment to a colder one. Since the temperature in the cellar is about twenty degrees colder than in the living area, a great amount of heat will be lost downward through the floors. However, with the best insulation for basement walls you can reduce heat loss, reduce energy bills and improve the overall comfort.

Lowering your energy bills

The major concern with basement is that they have lost of moisture in the air. What happens is that this moisture inevitably gets trapped in your insulation. Experts frequently talk about the importance of inward drying, which means the ability of the foundation to disperse moisture into the cellar. If you restrict the air flow, then you will surely create moisture. If there is no insulation or if you have the wrong insulation, then the process will result in condensation, which in turn leads to mold, rot and reduced performance. Whether poor or no covering, it is not safe for your wallet. If you want to reduce the heat loss, then you should cover the basement walls. But you should pay attention to the fact that your savings will largely depend on the local climate, the heating system and your lifestyle.

Making sure your basement is dry

As mentioned before, inadequate insulation leads to moisture accumulation and condensation. The problem known as “weeping walls” will also affect the structure of the home as well. By insulating the walls of the crawlspace, you will be able to prevent heat loss and retain cool air during the hot season. It is needless to mention that this will significantly increase your comfort level. If the temperature is consistent throughout the home, you will not have to worry about issues like freezing pipes. You can even consider turning the large amount of extra space into a liveable one.

Your foundation will be safe from water

Cellar wall insulation that is applied on the exterior is more than effective at protecting the structure of the home from the water outside. If you live in a cold climate, then you should protect yourself from the freeze and the thaw cycles because they can have damaging effects. The external basement insulation will act as a buffer against the structure and the surrounding soil, so that you will not have any moisture problems.