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Black and white ribbon – the key to a modern wedding

Black and white ribbon – the key to a modern wedding

In modern times, people do not prefer luxurious weddings anymore, because they find them too overwhelming with the multitude of details included in the decorations. When asking a bride about the way she imagines a wedding, you will find out, that she does not imagine anymore to be dressed in a ball gown, or to decorate the reception in gold and brown tones. Nowadays brides prefer a simple mermaid dress, sometimes in a nude shade, not even white, and when it comes to the venue they find more interesting to organise the event in a tent, garden, or in a restaurant located at the last floor of a skyscraper. Moreover, because people have understood that for having a great wedding they do not have to spend large amounts of money, because they could use them in other purposes, they prefer to make the wedding decorations by themselves. This is the reason more and more people prefer to purchase black and white ribbon UK, and to use it to craft by themselves arrangements, and even to customise the gowns.


Personalising the dresses

At a wedding not only the dress of the bride is important, it is true that it is the centrepiece, but its beauty is complemented by the bridesmaids’ dresses. If you opt for a black and white wedding, you have the possibility to purchase a simple wedding gown and to personalise it with the help of ribbons. In case you want something bold, you can tie a ribbon sash in the waist, and create a huge bow on the back of the dress. Also if you do not want to stand out with the black detail, you can opt for a nude dress, and accessorise it with a sash of white ribbon. For the bridesmaids, you have the possibility to choose black dresses, if you want to stand out in the pictures or white ones if you want to impress with simplicity.

Accessorise the flower arrangements and bouquets

Even if you opt for a simple wedding, you and your bridesmaids will still want to have flower bouquets. Depending on your options, you can choose to have the bouquets made by a professional flower shop, or you can make them according to your taste. It is not so difficult to make a flower arrangement, when you know exactly what you want, and you have the possibility to learn some tricks from online tutorials. You only have to follow the steps tutorials state, and to tie the stems with ribbon. You can mix black and white one, or you can use different colours. For example you can craft a simple flower bouquet from hydrangeas, which are known as voluminous flowers, and you can simply buy them from the flower market, and with three of them you will have a beautiful round bouquet. Time them with a big black ribbon bow and you have the perfect modern bouquet. Do the same with the flower arrangements for the reception, and you will see how pleasant can be to craft arrangements by yourself.