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Boiler repairs do’s and don’ts

Boiler repairs do’s and don’ts

Boiler heating systems are one of the most popular heating sources in British homes, with thousands of people relying on them for warmth and comfort. They can withstand a considerable amount of daily wear and tear, but, like all other appliances, they will inevitably lose their efficiency over time or even break down completely, and when that happens, you need to call in boiler repair London experts. There are so many companies that repair boilers that you definitely won’t have trouble finding one, but it’s important to approach this process with professionalism and responsibility. The task of repairing the boiler might come down to the company, but you should also pay attention to a few aspects in order to avoid scams and disappointments. These simple do’s and don’ts teach you the most effective ways of tacking boiler repairs:



Do – invest in annual maintenance


You shouldn’t wait for the boiler to stop working completely to call a repairs time. Prevention is better than treatment, so call a local contractor to look at your boiler once a year. This way, you will detect mechanical issues before they become fatal and reduce the costs of extensive repairs. One of the most dangerous issues that you can prevent with annual maintenance is the increase in carbon monoxide emissions. It’s very important to have maintenance done even if you can’t see any sign of damage. In many cases, it takes the eye of a trained professional to notice a malfunction.



Do – choose serving timing wisely


There is nothing more unpleasant than servicing your boiler in the winter, when it should be working non-stop. To prevent unpractical down times, call a repairs company in the summer, when you can go a couple of days without it. If the experts find extensive damage, they will need to spend more time on it, which doesn’t affect you that much in the warm summer months. Needless to say, you should ask the company how long the repairs will last and what exactly they will be doing every day.


Don’t – trust the cheapest contractor


Boiler repairs can be expensive, so many homeowners choose the cheapest quote. This is a risky thing to do, because low-cost repairs services compromise on quality. The workers might not be qualified or the spare parts they use might come from old boilers. Low initial prices are tempting, but in the long run they could cause even more damage and require an additional round of repairs. Also, work with a contractor that has fixed rates, because this way you will know from the very beginning how much you have to pay and plan accordingly.


Don’t – hire unaccredited companies


Another big mistakes that homeowners make when hiring a boiler servicing company is forgetting to check if they are Gas Safe registered and if their staff is accredited. Registration is not just a matter of paperwork in this industry; it shows that the company has trained staff who understand boiler quality standards, as well as the best safety practices. If you work with uncertified technicians, not only can you end up with superficial work, but also risk your family’s safety.