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How netball changes your child’s life for the better

How netball changes your child’s life for the better


According to experts, obesity in children has become a major problem in many countries around the world and it has highlighted the fact that the young need to practise sports as much as possible. There are many studies that show the great benefits that sports can have over one’s life, which is why parents should encourage their little ones engage in netball games London. Some of the most important benefits that netball comes with in your child’s life are mentioned below.

They become more socially active

One of the aspects that will significantly change for the better in your child’s life once they take up netball is related to their social skills. Most children tend to be shy and afraid to speak to other people. Netball however will help them overcome this fear and improve their social skills. Since this is a team sport, children will have to learn how to communicate with their coach and with their teammates in order to be able to win the game each time they go out on the court.

Their physical condition improves

As it was mentioned in the beginning, obesity has reached an alarming level in the past few years. Practising sports is the best way to stay fit and healthy and by doing this from an early age, the risk of experiencing heart attacks later on in life or suffer from various health issues are significantly reduced.

They learn to have a better hand-to-eye coordination

Netball implies speed, fast reaction time and a lot of running. Players are supposed to throw and catch the ball without dropping or dribble it. Each pass requires and improves player’s hand-to-eye coordination. Also, they will become a lot more flexible, as they will have to jump, move fast and twist whenever they throw and catch the ball.

They learn to both win and lose

Most children believe that the only purpose of playing a game is to win it, but they couldn’t have been any more wrong. Those who are of this opinion also tend to fail in life. However, life is not always about winning, but also about losing, and the same goes for netball. There is something new to learn from every game you have and if you lose once, this can only mean that you have gained new experience. You can focus on the things that did not go the way you planned and find a way to make them work the next time you and your team are on the netball court.

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Relapse: The Most Common Triggers of All

Relapse: The Most Common Triggers of All


It’s often assumed that when the very best local drug rehab clinics have discharged a patient, the treatment process comes to an end.  In reality however, successfully completing a course of treatment or rehab represents only the first step in and ongoing journey towards freedom from drug addiction. While it’s not the kind of thing most of those going through the process would like to think about, relapse is surprisingly common. Which can be taken in one of two ways – you can either reside yourself to the fact that it is going to be difficult to avoid relapsing, or you can accept the fact that if you do relapse, it doesn’t for one moment represent the end of the road.

Still, it’s always preferable and beneficial to avoid relapse in the first place, which becomes much easier with ongoing professional support. Nevertheless, there will always be certain triggers that make any given individual more likely to relapse. Or at least, struggle to stay on the straight and narrow. Triggers vary significantly from one person to the next, but there are certain examples of universal triggers that have the potential to affect anyone going through the recovery process.

Avoiding relapse means acknowledging these triggers and working to keep them under control – the following representing the most common and potentially dangerous of all:

1 – Overconfidence

The first of all, while confidence plays a critical role in the recovery process from start to finish, there is such a thing as too much confidence. The reason being that when an individual falls into the trap of thinking that they’re 100% in the clear and never going to face the prospect of slipping back into old habits, this is precisely when they are most likely to do exactly that.  Good intentions go out of the window and are replaced with a sense of being able to do anything at any time and not pay the price. It’s one thing to take pride in your recovery and build self-confidence – it’s something else entirely to cross the line into overconfidence.

2 – Self-Pity

Right at the opposite end of the scale, self-pity can also be an extremely powerful relapse trigger. Rather than feeling over confidence in your abilities to stay away from drugs or alcohol, you instead reside yourself to the fact that you have no willpower, no confidence and absolutely no chance of success. As such, you see no reason why you shouldn’t simply accept relapse as an inevitability.  Self-pity represents something of a vicious circle which leads to a downward spiral that is very difficult to break, without plenty of support and perhaps professional intervention.

3 – Unrealistic Expectations

It’s also important to both enter and go through the recovery process as a whole with realistic expectations. One of the biggest problems with addiction recovery and the treatment process itself is the way in which no two cases are ever 100% identical. What works wonders for one may prove completely ineffective for another. Likewise, what takes just a week for one person to accomplish may take a year or even longer for someone else. Expectations must be tailored accordingly, in order to avoid expecting too much and falling into relapse.

4 – Poor Health

The addiction recovery process inherently means dealing with certain side effects and symptoms – some of which can be rather debilitating. For obvious reasons, it is during periods of poor health and wellbeing in general that many recovering addicts find themselves attempted to slip back into old habits. The reason being that as you feel just about as low as it gets already, you fall into the trap of thinking that relapse won’t make you feel any worse than you already do.

5 – Relationship Issues

If the individual in question is facing a relationship issue, which may have been caused by their addiction or otherwise, the likelihood of relapse increases significantly. Dealing with a relationship issues at the best of times can be incredibly difficult – dealing with them while going through the addiction recovery process represents a much bigger challenge.

6 – Other Substance Abuse

Last but not least, there will always be those who fall into the trap of assuming that just as long as they do not go back to the substance they were addicted to in the first place, other substances can be used to help with the recovery process.  One common example being those who quit alcohol getting into the habit of routinely using cannabis as an alternative.  The problem being that when you replace one dependency with another, you significantly limit your progress – or perhaps make absolutely no positive progress whatsoever.




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Fun ways to integrate ribbon into your wedding decor

Fun ways to integrate ribbon into your wedding decor

When planning a wedding, you will get to a point when you will think how you can save money, because there are so many things you had not included on your list, and now they seem quite important. Therefore, you will have to cut expenses for some things and find money for others. Well, if you cannot save money when it comes to your dress, and your groom’s outfit, you can do it with decorations. Personalised wedding ribbon is the type of accessory that can help you save a lot of money, because you can use it for purposes you may not even thought about. You may have heard people talking about wedding décor ideas that imply using ribbons, but you cannot think how you can use them.


Use ribbons for your ceremony

The ceremony is the part of the wedding that requires little money, but this does not mean that you cannot save when it comes to it. There will not be present so many people at this part of your wedding, especially if it takes place in a different location than the reception. There will be your family and close friends, and you should decorate it in an intimate and simple way. You can use ribbons to dress the back of the chairs, the altar and even the backdrop of the place where you say your vows.

Dress up the flower bouquets

The bouquets will not be present for many moments during the wedding, but you have to make sure that they look amazing when you walk down the aisle and in pictures. You can integrate some ribbons in the bouquets to make them look more festive. You can choose ribbons in colours that match the dresses of the bridesmaids, or you can play with the shades to create a contrasting effect and highlight your dress.

Decorate the reception

If there is a part of the reception that does not look pretty that is the way the chairs are dressed. But, you can make them look better if you use ribbons to dress their back, and make them look part of the décor. One amazing idea would be to hang ribbons to make the chairs look whimsical. Even if you tie, a little ribbon bow on their back, you will change their look, and it will give a DIY touch to the wedding.

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Effective ways to stop smoking now

Effective ways to stop smoking now


Every person know the risks of smoking, but this does not motivates them to quit this habit. However, in case you have decided to change your life, then you should know that out there are a lot of solutions you can try, and in the end you will definitely manage to kick this habit. The nicotine in the cigarettes is a reliable and quick way to relieve stress, boost your outlook and unwind. Nevertheless, for being able to stop smoking you will need the support of your family. Also, it is advisable to talk with a stop smoking hypnotherapist in Birmingham, because they will offer you great help during the process. Here are some tips that will help you achieve your goal.

Find a reason to do it

You will not be able to stop smoking if you do not have a strong personal reason. You have to stay motivated, and this reason can be to improve your health, or to protect your family from the harmful effects of second-hand smoke. If you quit smoking you can feel and look younger, but also you will lower the chances to have a heart disease, lung cancer or other conditions.

Try hypnotherapy

You will need the help of a specialist during the process, so it is advisable to talk with a hypnotist, because they can help you change your mind pattern. It will affect the subconscious mind and it will change your habitual patterns, so it will be quite effective. You will observe that in time it will reduce and even stop the craving for having a cigarette. During the sessions, the practitioner will help you identify the reasons you should stop smoking and they will help you use positive suggestions to reduce the craving.

Consider nicotine replacement therapy

Other type of therapy you can try is the nicotine replacement one. The majority of people are not able to quit smoking due to nicotine addiction, so when you will quit this habit you may experience headaches, sap of energy and it may even affect your mood. The craving for the drug is the one that makes you feel this way, so you can talk with a specialist and see if you can replace the cigarettes with something else. There are on the market patches, gum and lozenges that improve your chances for achieving your goal. A professional should be the one that recommends you what to choose.




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Working in France – Everything you should know about sick leave

Working in France – Everything you should know about sick leave

Showing up to work on a day in which you feel like staying in bed due to sickness in simply horrible. Although your sickness might not be life threatening, the symptoms make normal functioning unexpectedly hard. In such cases, sick leave is something you should look forward to and your employer should offer the possibility of doing so. If you work under a foreign working regulation, you must be up to date with the laws in force and all the necessary forms, such as those necessary for CPAM. However, if you are interested in finding out more about these regulations in France, make sure you keep reading below.


1. You don’t have to stay exclusively indoor

Regardless of what many say, you don’t have to confine in your house’s comfort. While you will be verified, you are not a prisoner in your home. However, you still have to schedule your absence from home, and it is only motivated by medical visits and appointments. In order to maintain your financial compensation, you have to be at home between two hourly intervals, namely 9 and 11 and 14 and 16. CPAM has all the necessary forms, such as the déclarer arret 93 and it usually authorises every outdoor inquiry of a sick person.

2. You have certain obligations during sick leave

Although it is your right of compensated sick days when needed, you certainly have a couple of obligations in order to benefit from them. First of all, you must justify your absence from work. And for this it is required a medical certificate from your physician. You will take it to CPAM and your employer as well. The CPAM agency needs it because they manage sick leave in France and in order to justify your financial compensation during these days, you have to motivate properly your absence. The medical certificate is formed from three parts, the first two being necessary for CPAM and the last part for your employer.

What are the compensations during sick leave?

The company you work for does not have to assure your compensation for the first two days of sick leave. Nonetheless, if your medical leave is longer than three days, your salary will be assured by social services. However, make sure you check with CPAM if you meet the requirements for receiving a daily allowance. They are the most appropriate institution for this purpose. As a general rule, those working for a year in a company have the right to receive an allowance, and so do those who worked for about 200 hours in the last three months. You must know that everybody meeting these requirements is entitled to receive 50% of their wage.

These are some general rules you should know about if you work under French regulations. Make sure you become familiar with them because on them depends how well you will be treated by your employer and the allowance you are entitled to receive for your sick leave.

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5 Things to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Therapist

5 Things to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Therapist

If you have made the decision to seek alcohol rehab centres, it’s likely a process you would prefer to be as quick and simple as possible. Needless to say, the very last thing you would want is to find yourself in a situation where the centre and therapist you have selected are not really suitable for you. The fact of the matter is that when something like that happens, you have every right to be as choosy and selective as you wish. After all, the help and support the professional therapist will offer will play a hugely important role in your recovery and very likely the rest of your life in general.

So, to find yourself back at the start having worked with a counsellor not suitable for you is a situation that needs to be avoided at all costs.

Which is really why it is a really good idea to ask yourself a few key question at the earliest possible time, in order to avoid such a scenario completely. It is not so easy to know where to begin when trying to figure out a concept and process you’re not familiar with, but if you take into consideration the following few questions, it is likely that you will make a sound decision:

Do you feel comfortable with this particular therapist?

It’s crucially important for there to be a strong sense of trust between the therapist and the client, in order for their assistance and advice to be effective. The simple fact is that if you don’t feel comfortable with the therapist you have chosen, you will find it extremely hard to have any real confidence and faith in the things they say. There are no typical measures in terms of things like trust and the manner you “click” with your therapist. It will all come down to you and the way you feel during the sessions. If for some reason you don’t feel comfortable and hence don’t open up, it might be best to seek a new therapist.

Does the therapist show professionalism?

Consistent professionalism is the only acceptable level of care you should expect when working with a therapist for whatever reason. Nevertheless, there will always be counsellors for whom everything seems that little bit too casual or even not that important. In addition, it’s crucially important for the therapist to show genuine confidence and conviction in what they say and do, as a way by which to show that they believe in what they are talking about. Put simply, it will usually come back to how much confidence and trust you have in the therapist you’ve chosen to work with.

Is their specialism a match for your problem?

Just as is the case with any other professional working in a healthcare capacity, different specialisms will vary between different therapists quite enormously. Some counsellors will have earned excellent reputations for helping people with gambling habits, others focus on sex or drug addictions. There will be those therapists who are enormously competent in various fields, but it is nonetheless crucial to ensure that the therapist you choose to work with has the needed track record and background, in accordance with your needs.

Did you evaluate their experience and qualifications?

While it is fair to say that qualifications and experience do not always guarantee how professional and competent a therapist is, it is still a good idea to conduct a few background checks. Generally, if you discuss this question with a highly professional and competent counsellor, they would not hesitate to ease your mind with some examples of their previous accomplishments. You may find the needed information on their webpage, but it’s also a good idea to speak to them in person before beginning the therapy process.

Do you honestly feel like the counsellor’s main priority?

Last up, it is the duty and responsibility of all professional therapists to ensure that their clients receive their undivided care and attention during each session. While it could be rare to come across a counsellor that appears totally uninterested during the sessions, it’s nevertheless something that does happen. And when it does, you get the sense that they most likely have more important or interesting matters on their mind than you and the problems you’re trying to deal with, which simply means it is unlikely you will have any genuine confidence or faith in them. If you don’t get the feeling that you’re their number one priority during the meetings, you need to think about looking elsewhere.


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