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Crafting projects to embellish your home

Crafting projects to embellish your home

House decoration is something that seems quite fun in the beginning, but gets really difficult once you actually get started. There are so many options and so many alternatives to choose from, that you end up feeling overwhelmed. In addition to this, seeing the high prices from specialised stores may be discouraging, not to mention the lack of originality – most shops have similar product and you can hardly find something really creative and unique. For this reason, if you have just moved in and you need to decorate your home, but nothing you found in stores seems to be worth it, then you should start your own DIY projects. For those who are passionate about colours, beauty, crafting and innovation, this is the right solution. It is not only extremely fun, but also quite fruitful: all you have to do is purchase affordable craft supplies and get creative. There are so many things you can do, so here are some simple suggestions:

Get a new head board

If you want to create a majestic and original bedroom décor, then you probably already know that the bed should be the central element. If you do not want to invest in another bed for your new home or you are simply in love with the comfortable mattress of your old one, then you should think about a way to make it suitable to your new crib. To this end, the perfect solution is designing a great headboard and crafting it yourself. You will not need too many materials: cardboard, sponge, a large piece of fabric, special glue or pins and some buttons. The simplest project is to carve the cardboard depending on the shape you want the headboard to have, cover it with a thin layer of sponge and then add the piece of fabric. Stick it using glue or needles and add the buttons to accessorise.

Cover the walls with DIY artwork

Life is better when there is a bit of colour in your home. A vivid place makes you feel more joyful, which is why you have to insert some bright details in your house décor. To this end, the perfect thing you could do is create some DIY artworks for the walls. Whether it is a large paining made by your children on Mother’s Day or several small pictures you choose to frame, these will look amazing hanging in your living room or home office. In case you are talented, you can paint something yourself, but if not, you can always frame images of special moment sin your life, natural landscapes or even quotes.

Nice table setting

Whether you are preparing for Christmas or you just want to make small changes for the upcoming season, customising the table setting is quite efficient. You can always use an old table cloth and add elements such as polka dots or bows, or you can simply create some small decorations out of ribbon. The cutlery or the napkins will look amazing if you tie them up with a beautiful ribbon and everyone will admire your efforts.