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Find the perfect saddle pad for your horse

Find the perfect saddle pad for your horse

When you have a horse, you consider it part of the family, and you want the best for him. Therefore, you want to make sure that you buy the best accessories, because not only you have to feel comfortable while riding him, but he also has to feel ok in order to behave properly. When it comes to saddle pads, you can choose from different options available on the market, so you only have to take a look in online stores and decide which one of them you prefer. You will find online pads that feature gel, cotton, wool or foam, so you have to research in order to decide which one is the right one for your horse. If you pay attention to some tips, you will find if you need to buy fur lined saddle pads for horses, or other types of pads.


Check the material

The material of the saddle pads are an important aspect to check when you purchase them. The majority of saddle pads feature a fleece bottom. You have to check the quality of the fleece if you opt for this option, because sometimes the chemicals from the horse’s sweat can affect the material, and the pad will become unstable. You also have the possibility to buy felt pads, because they come with the great benefit that are able to draw sweat from the skin of the horse and they transfer and dissipate the heat in the felt.

The shape of the pad is important

In this case, you will have to pay attention at the way your horse looks, because different types of horses have different bodies, and you have to choose the right type for yours. You can buy a contour one, if your horse has prominent withers or a slight dip in the back. If you have a horse with a normal wither, then you should buy a straight saddle pad. In case your horse has a short back, then you should buy a round skirt saddle pad. If you have a strong-shouldered horse, then you should take a look at the orthosport models of saddle pads, because they feature a second layer of padding. They are great because they assist the distribution of the pressure on the back of the horse, and achieve a better saddle fit. When you visit a specialised store, you will find there all the details you need to know to buy the perfect saddle pad for your horse.