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Four popular myths about swimming pools

Four popular myths about swimming pools

If you live in a house rather than in an apartment, then you can consider yourself a lucky person. The reason is that living in a house that also has a big yard in the back of it comes with far more advantages than living in a three-room apartment. One of them is that you can install a swimming pool in your yard and if you resort to pool builders Newmarket, you can be sure the results will be great. However, there are some people that fear making this investment, due to various things they have heard about swimming pools. Below there are four of the most popular myths about swimming pools debunked.

Swimming pools are expensive to install

There is no point in saying that installing a swimming pool in your yard is not a significant investment at all. However, you have to take into account that the amount of money you spend depends on various factors and some examples are the size of the yard, what dimensions you want for your pool and not to forget about the materials you decide upon. What is more, adding such an improvement significantly increases the value of your house.

They are difficult to maintain

It is generally known that all technological advances have brought major changes in all possible domains and not even the common pool pumps remained untouched. In the last decades, people have managed to manufacture pool pumps along with filtration systems that are far more energy efficient than they were in the past. As a result, maintaining the swimming pool’s good condition should not be a matter of concern anymore, because you do not have to pay as much on bills as several decades ago.

You cannot swim right after you have eaten

This is another thing that most parents tell their children. The fact that you cannot swim on a full stomach is not based on any scientific evidence, so it is only something invented by parents to make their children take a break from swimming all day in the pool.

Strong odour of chemicals means clean pool

Most people tend to believe that if they can smell strong odour of chemicals the moment they approach the swimming pool is a sign that the water in the pool is crystal clear. However, they should know that the smell they feel is not from the chemicals, but from other unhealthy chloramines formed in the water. A pool that is well maintained should have only little odour.