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Fun ways to integrate ribbon into your wedding decor

Fun ways to integrate ribbon into your wedding decor

When planning a wedding, you will get to a point when you will think how you can save money, because there are so many things you had not included on your list, and now they seem quite important. Therefore, you will have to cut expenses for some things and find money for others. Well, if you cannot save money when it comes to your dress, and your groom’s outfit, you can do it with decorations. Personalised wedding ribbon is the type of accessory that can help you save a lot of money, because you can use it for purposes you may not even thought about. You may have heard people talking about wedding décor ideas that imply using ribbons, but you cannot think how you can use them.


Use ribbons for your ceremony

The ceremony is the part of the wedding that requires little money, but this does not mean that you cannot save when it comes to it. There will not be present so many people at this part of your wedding, especially if it takes place in a different location than the reception. There will be your family and close friends, and you should decorate it in an intimate and simple way. You can use ribbons to dress the back of the chairs, the altar and even the backdrop of the place where you say your vows.

Dress up the flower bouquets

The bouquets will not be present for many moments during the wedding, but you have to make sure that they look amazing when you walk down the aisle and in pictures. You can integrate some ribbons in the bouquets to make them look more festive. You can choose ribbons in colours that match the dresses of the bridesmaids, or you can play with the shades to create a contrasting effect and highlight your dress.

Decorate the reception

If there is a part of the reception that does not look pretty that is the way the chairs are dressed. But, you can make them look better if you use ribbons to dress their back, and make them look part of the décor. One amazing idea would be to hang ribbons to make the chairs look whimsical. Even if you tie, a little ribbon bow on their back, you will change their look, and it will give a DIY touch to the wedding.