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Glamorous accessories for decorating the marquee for your wedding

Glamorous accessories for decorating the marquee for your wedding

If you choose to have your wedding in the summer, then you should consider renting a marquee because you would have the possibility to install it wherever you want, and enjoy the comfort of having a shelter in case there would be bad weather. There are plenty providers on the market, so no matter the theme of your wedding you would have no difficulties in finding a model that is matching your taste. But, you have to be careful and collaborate with a reliable provider, because you have to be sure that you would not experience any issues in your big day. Take a look on the market, see what your options are, and when you decide upon a model, you should ask the company, which offers marquee Hire South London, if they also provide decorations for the marquee, or you would have to look them by yourself. In case you want to have your wedding in a glamorous venue, here are some accessories that would definitely help you achieve this effect.

Install a chandelier in the centre of the marquee

The majority or marquee providers also have chandeliers that can be installed inside, if the client requires. So if you are interested in this type of accessory, you should see their options, and in case you do not like the models, you can see what other providers offer. They can feature different accessories, and can be made from different materials, so make sure to choose one that suits the theme of your wedding.

Decorate the tables with glass tubes

The light of the chandelier would reflect in the glass tubes from the tables and they would create a beautiful sparkly effect. Some flower shops offer people the possibility to rent glass tubes of different heights. You can place flowers inside them, and let them flow in the water, or you can opt for a more sophisticated look, and create a table arrangement by yourself. You can place crystals at the base of the tube, one or more of your favourite flowers, and after placing the water inside, you can put a candle on the top, and light it in the night. It would complement perfectly with the chandeliers.

Depending on your preferences, you can add other table arrangements alongside with the tubes, or you can group more of them, of different sizes for a more complex look.