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How netball changes your child’s life for the better

How netball changes your child’s life for the better


According to experts, obesity in children has become a major problem in many countries around the world and it has highlighted the fact that the young need to practise sports as much as possible. There are many studies that show the great benefits that sports can have over one’s life, which is why parents should encourage their little ones engage in netball games London. Some of the most important benefits that netball comes with in your child’s life are mentioned below.

They become more socially active

One of the aspects that will significantly change for the better in your child’s life once they take up netball is related to their social skills. Most children tend to be shy and afraid to speak to other people. Netball however will help them overcome this fear and improve their social skills. Since this is a team sport, children will have to learn how to communicate with their coach and with their teammates in order to be able to win the game each time they go out on the court.

Their physical condition improves

As it was mentioned in the beginning, obesity has reached an alarming level in the past few years. Practising sports is the best way to stay fit and healthy and by doing this from an early age, the risk of experiencing heart attacks later on in life or suffer from various health issues are significantly reduced.

They learn to have a better hand-to-eye coordination

Netball implies speed, fast reaction time and a lot of running. Players are supposed to throw and catch the ball without dropping or dribble it. Each pass requires and improves player’s hand-to-eye coordination. Also, they will become a lot more flexible, as they will have to jump, move fast and twist whenever they throw and catch the ball.

They learn to both win and lose

Most children believe that the only purpose of playing a game is to win it, but they couldn’t have been any more wrong. Those who are of this opinion also tend to fail in life. However, life is not always about winning, but also about losing, and the same goes for netball. There is something new to learn from every game you have and if you lose once, this can only mean that you have gained new experience. You can focus on the things that did not go the way you planned and find a way to make them work the next time you and your team are on the netball court.