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Loft conversion 101 – Pros & Cons

Loft conversion 101 – Pros & Cons

In the past few years, loft conversions gained an increased popularity, mainly because they offer some additional space, which for many families, is like a breath of fresh air. However, many are still reluctant when it comes to these home improvements, unaware of the advantages and disadvantages that made loft conversions such a popular choice. Another amazing advantage offered by these improvements is that they increase the value of a property significantly. But let’s find out more about the pros and cons of investing in such additions, in the following paragraphs.



  • They are affordable

Usually, cheaper per square meter than an extension is, loft conversions seem to be an affordable option when it comes to increasing the available space in a house. Generally, these conversions are more affordable because they do not require any sort of interventions to structural elements. Also, these seem to be quite a preferred investment for the long run, as they increase the value of a property by 20% while offering some extra living space for the present time. So, even if you are not looking forward currently to sell your property, in time, you will have something based on which you will be entitled to a larger sum of money.

  • They add plenty of extra living space

This sort of home improvement will add some consistent extra living space, as the rooms created by them can have a variety of purposes, from an extra bedroom with bathroom included to an enormous office, without altering the property’s structure, as it would be necessary in the case of a home extension. This means that you will need fewer construction permits and less paper work to manage before starting your project.

  • You will save backyard space

While extensions require some space from the outdoors, you can be certain that these conversions will let you enjoy freely and entirely your outdoor space. Small houses usually have small yards as well, and owners usually prefer preserving it as it is. In these cases, building upwards is more advantageous than building horizontally.

  • You will maintain a good relationship with your neighbours

Nobody wants to be deprived of natural light, not to mention the constant feeling of being watched. Home extensions seem to annoy neighbours specifically because of these reasons. But this is not the case of attic remodels, since the space is already there, and few are the cases in which it needs consistent altering.


  • Not all properties may be suitable for such projects

Of course, these cases are rare, and only when the existing roof is a low pitched one. However, you must make sure with a specialised contractor and see if a remodel of this kind is suitable for your particular case. In many cases, the contractor will be able to find a solution, regardless of the space that you have.

These are some pros and cons of investing in such projects. You can easily notice that the advantages that emerge from them are bigger than the potential disadvantages.