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Must have experiences while being in Alaska

Must have experiences while being in Alaska

Do you ever get overwhelmed by the multitude of activities you can have when travelling to a new destination? Well, even if you had not had this feeling before, you would definitely have it when travelling to Alaska, because it is a new land waiting for you to discover it. So, for being sure that you do not regret, of not seeing or doing something while being there, you should make a bucket list from home, with experiences you want to have in Alaska. The first thing you should do is to access a travelling website, to see what specialists consider to be the best Ketchikan Alaska attractions, and see where you can stay when arriving there. Here are the main experiences native Alaskans recommend travelers to have.


Watching a glacier crashing in the ocean

This is a rare experience, and you have to be quite lucky to be close to a glacier when it crashes to the ocean, but you definitely have to include it on your must-see list. This phenomenon would remind you of the power of the Mother Nature, because only when you imagine what is like for a huge glacier to fall and explode into the ocean, it takes your breath away. In case, you hear that this type of things are happening when you are there, you should definitely go there and wait for one to crash under your eyes.

Fly over Alaska

Alaska is a beautiful land over which to fly, so you should early book a flight over the glaciers, mountain and crevasses from there. You would sit in the comfortable and warm helicopter, and an experienced guide would share with you information about the peaks you are seeing and the glacial formations under you. Humans have rarely explored these places and having the possibility to admire them is a unique experience.

Meet a wild beast

There is nothing similar with the feeling of being close to a wild animal and look one into the eyes, so make sure that you are getting close to one, but from a safe distance, of course. You should have a little empathy for these amazing wild creatures, because they are living with nothing else than freeze-dried food, and they manage somehow to survive the cold of the Alaskan winters. You have the possibility to view bears for many hours walking around their homeland and sometimes they are present there in a large number.

Drive yourself in Alaska

Alaska is all about diversity and vastness, so you should include this thing on your list. Moreover, what better way of discovering the beauties of this frozen land, than by driving yourself through the roads from Alaska. In this way, you are the one who decides which road to take, what you want to see next, and you can let your gut take you to new places. Drive a rural highway, climb a mountain or explore an open valley, the choice is up to you.