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Wedding catering – aspects you need to know

Posted in Family Business

Sometimes people have the misconception that the most difficult part when planning a wedding is to find the venue. Well, the fact is that, this is one aspect you have to check on your list. When talking with the venue provider you will probably find that they do not offer catering services, so you will have to start looking for a different provider. Also, some venues provide these services, but the menu options are too expensive, or you do not consider them suitable for your event. It does not matter what the reasons are, if you have to catering equipment hire South London, you have to do thorough research from the beginning, to know exactly what this implies.


What does booking a wedding caterer involve?

If you choose a good caterer, it will be a really straightforward process. There are companies that provide even full event planning services alongside with catering, so they will offer you support in whatever aspect you might need. When you book a caterer you should expect to find there professionals who try to get an idea on what you like or dislike. Be prepared to answer them many questions. Depending on the company, you can talk with one of their experts on phone, or you can meet them in person.

What do you have to ask them?

The first thing you have to ask them is if they are available on your wedding day. Also, you should ask them if they work with the venue you have chosen. It is recommended to ask the venue offer you a list of caterers they collaborated before. In case you want a specific menu, you should ask the caterer if they are specialised in that type of cooking. It is important to ask the costs of the services upfront, because you have to know from the beginning if you afford working with them.

What menu should you go for?

If you do not want a specific type of food, you should know that the majority of catering companies are able to deliver current menus. They will offer you a list with menus they offer, and you have the possibility to modify them according to your preferences. Keep in mind that you should be the one that choses the meals, because if you allow your guests to do it, you will end by crossing your budget. In case your guests have dietary issues that prevent them eating certain aliments, you should inform the caterer.

Applying for a study abroad program – pros and cons

Posted in Education


Believe it or not, studying abroad is quite a rewarding decision that can help you develop both personally and professionally. Besides the fact that you combine travelling and studying, this experience can also make potential employers choose you over other candidates. However, one essential thing you have to consider the very moment you apply for a study abroad program is to start looking for accommodation for students Newcastle as soon as possible. If you still wonder whether it is all worth it or not, you should read the rest of the article presenting the pros and cons of applying for a study abroad program.

The pros

  • You broaden your perspective – one of the benefits that come with enrolling in such a program is the fact that you have the chance to broaden your horizons, to learn new things and see the world differently. Also, you will meet many great people and bond long-term relationships.
  • You improve your language skills – whether it is about a language you have already studied in school or about a new one, acquiring language skills represents an advantage, especially because you are going to practise it in the specific country.
  • Your CV will look great – another important advantage of going on study abroad programs is that they will strengthen your CV, which means that you have more chances to get the job position you have always been dreaming of getting in the most respectful company in the industry.

The cons

  • It can be expensive – well, this is one of the most common problems teenagers who want to enrol in study abroad programs have to face. It is true that some programs can be quite expensive, but if you start saving money some time ahead, it will be a lot easier for you to handle the costs once you arrive to your new host country. Worth mentioning is also the fact that there are certain countries that allow you to be a student in one of their colleges without having to pay any tuition fees, so all you have to do is find out more information about these programs.
  • You will be away from home – many students who go overseas on study programs suffer from homesickness even way before they actually depart. In order to cope with these feelings, it is best that you prepare yourself mentally for this experience and that you install apps such as Skype or Whatsapp on your smartphone that will allow you to talk with your loved ones at any hour day or night

Playing 5-a-side football is good for your health

Posted in Healthy Family


We are all familiar with 5-a-side football, the interesting adaptation of the king of sports. However, we are not knowledgeable when it comes to the health benefits of playing this ball sport. 5-a-side football is not a casual game, but one that involves a great deal of movements. What is certain is that this game provides better overall exercise, being one of the best exercises you can do. An hour of playing football will definitely help you keep in shape. If you have the opportunity to kick the ball around, then this is what you should do. You can play this challenging sport alone or together with your family. Joining one of the 5 aside football leagues in London will help you strengthen your family and let us not forget about how much good this will do to your health.

Huge physical benefits

Why run when you can enjoy a good game of footie? According to scientific experiments, playing 5-a-side football burns more calories than running. What you should do is actively encourage your kids to kick the ball around. It will instantly improve their fitness levels. However, you should be concerned about your wellbeing too. At a certain age it is important to exercise to avoid health complications. When playing footie, your blood pressure goes down, not to mention that bone density increases. The point is that this game boosts fitness levels and helps burn fat.

Improvements to mental health

Besides improving footwork and agility, 5-a-side football is pure fun and excitement. The experience will definitely increase your mood, which is why it is advisable to play the game if you are having a hard time at work. As a matter of fact, all family members can take advantage of the mental benefits offered by 5-a-side football. It is very important to have as many positive experiences as possible. The game will make your more cheerful and it is by far one of the most affordable treatments. You can be sure that you will feel better after running after the ball.

The bottom line is that you and your family should play 5-a-side football regardless of your skill level. This sport is ideal for all ages and capabilities and it is superior to other ball sports. While just about every sport comes with advantages, it seems that this one is particularly beneficial. Only after playing the game will you discover just how beneficial it is.

Things to consider when searching for a private golf club

Posted in Perfect Family

Golf is certainly an enjoyable activity, and this is the reason why there are so many players and courses out there. If you have started playing this sport yourself recently, and you want to take this hobby to the next level, then becoming the member of a private golf club is the next thing to do. Although you can find many cheap golf memberships on the web, not all clubs will provide you with the same experience, and you should make your choice wisely. So, before buying a membership, here are the most important considerations to think through:

Inspect the courses

The first thing to do, and probably the most important as well, is inspecting the courses. Before deciding to buy a membership, it is imperative to take a look at the club’s courses and see if they meet your requirements. Does the course seem properly maintained? Will you enjoy it on a regular basis without getting bored? These are important questions to ask yourself, because once you spend money on a membership, you probably want to get the most out of it.

Talk to the staff

Talking to the staff is also something you should do before deciding if a private club is the right one for you. You can figure out if you like the overall atmosphere or vibe just by discussing with some of the employees or even perhaps with a few members. This aspect will give you the chance to establish if that spectrum is suitable for you personally.

Family friendly

One thing that many players tend to overlook when buying a membership is the family friendliness of the private club. Although you might not think about this aspect at first, if you have kids and you want to introduce them to this sport somewhere in the near future, you need to make sure in advance that the club will give you this possibility. So, check if that particular club welcomes kids before becoming a member. On the other hand, if you do not want your games to be interrupted by children, then look for a location that has this filter.

Your overall golfing experience can be influenced by the courses you will be playing on, in either a positive and negative way. This is the reason why you should pay attention to a few aspects before buying a membership. Start looking on the web to see what your options are, and make your choice based on the above-mentioned considerations.

How can a family business deal with unpaid debt

Posted in Family Business

Sometimes clients pay when it is too late, this being the preferable scenario. Unfortunately, clients are not always responsible and they do not pay the invoices you send them. If you are running a commercial organisation in which decision-making is affected by family members, you know that you cannot manage if you do not receive payments for the products or services provided. One of the most important responsibilities is managing cash flow and make sure that you are paid. When it comes to collecting overdue accounts, you have to put your faith in debt collecting agencies in London. They know perfectly well how to recover money that is owed. Nonetheless, if you want to take matters into your own hands, you can use the following strategies. They are guaranteed to work.

Write a reminder email

Maybe you do not want to disturb your clients, even if they refuse to pay their invoices. If you genuinely want to pursue the friendly path, you can start by sending a reminder email. What you have to remember is that customers are more likely to respond to email than incessant phone calls. When writing he message, you have to be at the same time polite and direct. If your first demand is not successful, you can send another one.

Locate the debtors

Unquestionably, the first thing you should do is locate the clients that owe you money. While this may seem like a difficult task, you have to do it. Family-based businesses with huge amounts of debt struggle and a great number actually do not survive the first years due to the inability to collect debt. So, how do you find the deadbeats? Well, in order to get ahold of debtors, you have to get updated client information. The likelihood is that you will not find out much by Googling their names, maybe is there are any complaints. The only thing you can do is search through databases of consumer information.

Try renegotiating the debt

Maybe your clients are not paying their invoices because they have the money to make a full payment. This is indeed an unfortunate situation, but you still have to get your money. Instead of applying pressure, put yourself in their position. Nobody wants to be labelled as a debtor. What you can do to recover the money owed is to negotiate the bill, in other words make a financial arrangement. This way, you are sure to get paid.

Airport transfer – an important detail for your travel

Posted in Travel


According to studies, thousands of people arrive to London every day. They come for business, shopping or for discovering the beauties of this city. There is no wonder that London is always one of the most visited cities. But a very important aspect is that people need to take care of a particular aspect when it comes to their travel: the airport transfer. And due to the fact that the airport is always crowded, it can be rather difficult for you to catch a car. And if you do, you would probably have to pay a lot for it, according to your distance. This is way, you should think, before arriving to London, which the suitable means of transport is for you. But do not worry; there are a lot of companies that deal with London airport transfers.

Companies that deal with London airport transfer – some valuable information about them:

  • Make the reservation on time, in order to make sure that they will have the car that you would like available for you. If you come to London for business, you would not like to lose any precious second. Just imagine how it would be like to arrive late at your meeting.
  • Decide which the most suitable means of transport is for you, due to the fact that the number of seats is very important. For example, if you travel with your friends, you may want to stay with them all the time. So, maybe a minivan or a larger car is a better idea.
  • Look for an online reservation. It is the most convenient and comfortable choice.
  • Another important aspect is related to luggage. It would very annoying for you, if the car doesn’t have enough space for your luggage, especially if you plan to stay longer than a couple of days.
  • Do not forget about discounts! You can benefit from some good promotions, if you ask for them. So, do not thing that it is embracing because it is not.
  • Ask for services of those companies which are able to transport you even outside London.

Things to consider when you choose your transport vehicle:


  • Look for something economic, if you want to save money. For example, you can use them for visiting more.
  • Look for something elegant if you are going to a meeting and all of your business partners are going to be there.
  • Do not forget about comfort. If you have to travel for long hours, you need a car with comfortable chairs.


Buying a second hand laptop – what to consider

Posted in Family Gadgets

Are you in need of a laptop, but you do not have the budget necessary to purchase a brand new one? Then opting for the second hand alternative is certainly not a bad idea. With the many refurbished laptops you can find on the market, you have the possibility of benefiting from the same technology, while not spending a huge amount of money. However, purchasing used laptops involves a higher level of attention, because there is always a risk of it not functioning as you would desire. So, you will need to pay attention to some important aspects when you are making this type of purchase:


Compare prices

Because you are mainly buying a used device to save some money, make sure to compare prices before placing an order. After establishing which model or brand you want, check how much you would need to pay when buying it new, and make sure you are benefiting from a good offer. If the difference is not that significant, then perhaps this is not the best deal for you. A price comparison is a must when buying a second-hand device.

Battery life

Although you might be buying the laptop online you can still find out a thing or two about the battery life of the laptop. If the product description does not include any detail regarding this aspect, you can simply contact the supplier and request further information. You can still benefit form a decent battery life, even if you might be buying a used laptop, you just need to pay attention to this aspect. If you’re looking for suggestions, then try the Toughbook CF 30, which has excellent battery life.


Even if you are buying the laptop refurbished, you should still receive a warranty for it. You probably do not want to spend money on a device that will stop working after a month or two. An online shop that is sufficiently reliable will give you a warranty regardless of what type of notebook or laptop will you be purchasing, so check this detail beforehand.

Choose a reliable supplier

Because you will be probably making your purchase online (the fastest and most convenient option), you need to choose a supplier that seems trustworthy.  Before placing your order, take some time to do a bit of research and to find out a thing or two about the online store’s reputation. You will probably find all the information you need to learn by browsing the web, so checking if the supplier you have chosen is a reliable option or not will not be difficult. This is an essential consideration, if you want your purchase experience to be a pleasant one.

Buying a used laptop is certainly the most advantageous option you have, in terms of money, and even if you can benefit from a great deal, you should still consider a few important aspects beforehand. Not that you know a few useful tips, making the right purchase will not be such a difficult task. Start browsing the web for offers, keep these details in mind, and you will be purchasing an item that is worth every penny.

Tired of bad rentals? Letting agencies might come in hand

Posted in Family Business

Oftentimes, the perfect rental might seem as a far from reality concept. Let’s face it: many apartments lack the maintenance, appliances and the furniture is faulty. Many have bad plumbing and heating systems and landlords sometimes don’t bother fixing them. However, if you work with letting agents Waterhouses based, for example, you will surely have a better experience, find better landlords and properties as well as good maintenance services.  If you worry you won’t be able to benefit from such services because of the expenses, fear not! They are fairly affordable and ultimately pay for themselves. However, below you find some benefits of working with professional letting agents.

Fast and reliable services

Are you on a tight budget? You need an apartment in a certain location? You need certain appliances and facilities? Simply communicate them to your letting agent and they will be able to find the perfect place for you. Moreover, they will also offer enough guidance to help you decide what you need if you are not sure. Again, depending on your budget, the period you want to rent for, necessities they make suggestions and offer valuable tips for all their clients. Moreover, because they constantly collaborate with landlords and provide maintenance services for them, you can be sure all the properties found via letting agencies will be accordingly to common sense requirements as well as special ones.

High quality appliances and furniture

Renting from these agencies always means an inventory is signed. This means all the furniture, appliances are written there, in order to make sure all of them are going to be impeccable the moment you leave the property. Same happened with all the previous tenants. This way, both property owners and letting agents can make sure no damages will appear to any of them.

Fast maintenance services

Ever had to deal with that annoying type of landlord that usually remembers to fix faulty plumbing systems, AC or heating systems after two weeks after you notify them? If you succeed in renting from a letting agency, this won’t be the case. They reposes are prompt, with specialised help included, all for you surprise. Moreover, using modern maintenance tools and platforms they are able to provide the best services for both landlords and tenants.

Renting a property via a letting agency has numerous benefits, as you can easily notice. From proper apartments, to reliable maintenance services, they are all included for their clients.

Shopping for wedding favours? Here are some ideas you might like

Posted in Perfect Family


Weddings are without any doubt exhausting. Everybody is trying to bring their special day to perfection, many succeed, others don’t. However, a little research before buying certain items might make your mission a lot easier. For example, in terms of wedding favours, it is necessary to surf the web for reputable gift shops, which have both high quality and affordable products. Then, you have to think about all your guests, from different categories. The easiest way of purchasing wedding favours is to split your guests by age. Children, for example, seem to like a lot personalised love hearts. Below are some ideas we love in terms of wedding favours.

1. Personalised love hearts for children

Children love sweets, and heart rolls have can please a child’s sweet tooth. If you don’t like the original packs they come in, you can also buy some small organza bangs in a variety of colours or some small colourful boxes and place the sweets inside. Stick the children’s name on each of the boxes so no conflicts on which box is whose will appear. However, don’t overprovide. Children and excessive sugar don’t mix well. You’ll end up having a couple of hyperactive and inattentive children at your wedding.

2. Classy favour boxes close family members

Bring more classiness by having some beautiful favour boxes available somewhere on the web. They are generally in neutral colours, and you can personalise them with your guests’ names. Add some black or beige wrapping paper inside and place a variety of small gifts. Given the fact that you design this gift box for close relatives, you can splurge a bit on them. Small travel size perfumes, a couple of special sweets like beautiful cupcakes and other small décor items are great ideas.

3. Vintage gift bags for all the other guests

Search for brown paper gift bags with graphics in a more vintage style. Decorate them with white, black or beige paper for a classy look, and place inside a number of inexpensive, yet affective little gifts. The edible hearts previously mentioned work as well. Some candles with the couple’s names and wedding date will work wonders. See? What you splurge for close family member’s gifts, you save on the others.

As you can see, searching around the web can give you some beautiful and inexpensive ideas on wedding favours.

Six Great Reasons to Switch to LED Lighting

Posted in Perfect Household

Home lighting fixtures have evolved quite dramatically over the last 50 years or so, though it has only been over the last few decades that people really begun to see their future. After a long period of relative stagnation, the world finally saw a new range of energy-saving lighting products the likes of which are not only much better for the environment, but stand to save the standard homeowner a small fortune when it comes to their energy bills.

With the common incandescent light bulbs being slowly but surely withdrawn from the market and even banned outright in many countries, people have had little choice than to go the energy-saving route. From designer exterior lighting to sophisticated interior pendant lighting and many other examples besides, energy-saving lighting is technically the only lighting product on sale today. Nonetheless, there are many different kinds of energy-saving bulbs on the market these days, of which some are significantly more impressive than others. Right on the very top of the scale comes the very gold standard though – LED lighting.

While the LED technology might have been available for quite some time now, it is only recently that LED products have become accessible and affordable for the average consumer. As it is right now, costs have plummeted around 90% compared to the ones just a few years ago, thus making LED lighting open to anyone who wishes to explore it. But as it is with many new technological innovations these days, there are always those who need some additional nudge in the right direction to completely understand what the fuss is all about.

So, with those individuals in mind, here is a short overview of six excellent reasons to switch to LED home lighting:

1 – Impressive Energy Efficiency

First up, the most important appeal of LED bulbs compared to incandescent lighting is the way in which they require 80% less energy. This simply means that you’re going to have an 80% reduction in the operating costs of each LED bulb around the home when you switch to the LED standard. Massive energy savings like this are also of course great for the environment.

2 – They Last Longer

It is also basically impossible to compare usable life with the old incandescent bulbs. Put simply, LED bulbs are created to be the kinds of bulbs that you will often take with you when you move house – they really last that long. Even when compared to standard fluorescents, you are looking at at least 10 time longer-lasting LED bulbs, offering thousands of hours of energy-efficient light for the home.

3 – They Are Durable

It is not really a secret that most kinds of light bulbs are mostly on the fragile side. The standard incandescent bulbs were prone to breaking to pieces if you so much as looked at them, while most fluorescent bulbs and a vast majority of other kinds of bulbs are incredibly easy to damage or break. When it comes to LED bulbs though, there is no filament present and the whole unit is massively more solid and durable than any other lighting type.

4 – The Cool Factor

Another great benefit of LED bulbs is the way in which they are designed to emit almost no heat at all. One of the reasons why the old incandescent bulb of the past was so energy-inefficient and costly to use was the way in which almost 85% of the energy they needed was transformed into heat. Quite to the contrary with LED bulbs, there is almost no heat that is generated and hence no energy wasted in a practical sense. And therefore, they have no effect on room temperatures.

5 – Limitless Choice

The LED technology has advanced so much over the last few decades that it’s now possible to purchase LED lights and products in any imaginable size, shape and specification. No matter what your needs, how you would like it to look and where you need it, it’s absolutely guaranteed that there will be a LED product out there to suit your requirements flawlessly. From decorative lighting to primary lighting sources and even battery-powered lighting, LED is able to cover all bases.

6 – Impressive Affordability

Last up, it is always worth remembering that LED bulbs and accessories are these days more affordable than ever before in the past and are universally available and accessible up and down the United Kingdom.