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Playing 5-a-side football is good for your health

Playing 5-a-side football is good for your health


We are all familiar with 5-a-side football, the interesting adaptation of the king of sports. However, we are not knowledgeable when it comes to the health benefits of playing this ball sport. 5-a-side football is not a casual game, but one that involves a great deal of movements. What is certain is that this game provides better overall exercise, being one of the best exercises you can do. An hour of playing football will definitely help you keep in shape. If you have the opportunity to kick the ball around, then this is what you should do. You can play this challenging sport alone or together with your family. Joining one of the 5 aside football leagues in London will help you strengthen your family and let us not forget about how much good this will do to your health.

Huge physical benefits

Why run when you can enjoy a good game of footie? According to scientific experiments, playing 5-a-side football burns more calories than running. What you should do is actively encourage your kids to kick the ball around. It will instantly improve their fitness levels. However, you should be concerned about your wellbeing too. At a certain age it is important to exercise to avoid health complications. When playing footie, your blood pressure goes down, not to mention that bone density increases. The point is that this game boosts fitness levels and helps burn fat.

Improvements to mental health

Besides improving footwork and agility, 5-a-side football is pure fun and excitement. The experience will definitely increase your mood, which is why it is advisable to play the game if you are having a hard time at work. As a matter of fact, all family members can take advantage of the mental benefits offered by 5-a-side football. It is very important to have as many positive experiences as possible. The game will make your more cheerful and it is by far one of the most affordable treatments. You can be sure that you will feel better after running after the ball.

The bottom line is that you and your family should play 5-a-side football regardless of your skill level. This sport is ideal for all ages and capabilities and it is superior to other ball sports. While just about every sport comes with advantages, it seems that this one is particularly beneficial. Only after playing the game will you discover just how beneficial it is.