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Shopping for wedding favours? Here are some ideas you might like

Shopping for wedding favours? Here are some ideas you might like


Weddings are without any doubt exhausting. Everybody is trying to bring their special day to perfection, many succeed, others don’t. However, a little research before buying certain items might make your mission a lot easier. For example, in terms of wedding favours, it is necessary to surf the web for reputable gift shops, which have both high quality and affordable products. Then, you have to think about all your guests, from different categories. The easiest way of purchasing wedding favours is to split your guests by age. Children, for example, seem to like a lot personalised love hearts. Below are some ideas we love in terms of wedding favours.

1. Personalised love hearts for children

Children love sweets, and heart rolls have can please a child’s sweet tooth. If you don’t like the original packs they come in, you can also buy some small organza bangs in a variety of colours or some small colourful boxes and place the sweets inside. Stick the children’s name on each of the boxes so no conflicts on which box is whose will appear. However, don’t overprovide. Children and excessive sugar don’t mix well. You’ll end up having a couple of hyperactive and inattentive children at your wedding.

2. Classy favour boxes close family members

Bring more classiness by having some beautiful favour boxes available somewhere on the web. They are generally in neutral colours, and you can personalise them with your guests’ names. Add some black or beige wrapping paper inside and place a variety of small gifts. Given the fact that you design this gift box for close relatives, you can splurge a bit on them. Small travel size perfumes, a couple of special sweets like beautiful cupcakes and other small décor items are great ideas.

3. Vintage gift bags for all the other guests

Search for brown paper gift bags with graphics in a more vintage style. Decorate them with white, black or beige paper for a classy look, and place inside a number of inexpensive, yet affective little gifts. The edible hearts previously mentioned work as well. Some candles with the couple’s names and wedding date will work wonders. See? What you splurge for close family member’s gifts, you save on the others.

As you can see, searching around the web can give you some beautiful and inexpensive ideas on wedding favours.