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Six Great Reasons to Switch to LED Lighting

Six Great Reasons to Switch to LED Lighting

Home lighting fixtures have evolved quite dramatically over the last 50 years or so, though it has only been over the last few decades that people really begun to see their future. After a long period of relative stagnation, the world finally saw a new range of energy-saving lighting products the likes of which are not only much better for the environment, but stand to save the standard homeowner a small fortune when it comes to their energy bills.

With the common incandescent light bulbs being slowly but surely withdrawn from the market and even banned outright in many countries, people have had little choice than to go the energy-saving route. From designer exterior lighting to sophisticated interior pendant lighting and many other examples besides, energy-saving lighting is technically the only lighting product on sale today. Nonetheless, there are many different kinds of energy-saving bulbs on the market these days, of which some are significantly more impressive than others. Right on the very top of the scale comes the very gold standard though – LED lighting.

While the LED technology might have been available for quite some time now, it is only recently that LED products have become accessible and affordable for the average consumer. As it is right now, costs have plummeted around 90% compared to the ones just a few years ago, thus making LED lighting open to anyone who wishes to explore it. But as it is with many new technological innovations these days, there are always those who need some additional nudge in the right direction to completely understand what the fuss is all about.

So, with those individuals in mind, here is a short overview of six excellent reasons to switch to LED home lighting:

1 – Impressive Energy Efficiency

First up, the most important appeal of LED bulbs compared to incandescent lighting is the way in which they require 80% less energy. This simply means that you’re going to have an 80% reduction in the operating costs of each LED bulb around the home when you switch to the LED standard. Massive energy savings like this are also of course great for the environment.

2 – They Last Longer

It is also basically impossible to compare usable life with the old incandescent bulbs. Put simply, LED bulbs are created to be the kinds of bulbs that you will often take with you when you move house – they really last that long. Even when compared to standard fluorescents, you are looking at at least 10 time longer-lasting LED bulbs, offering thousands of hours of energy-efficient light for the home.

3 – They Are Durable

It is not really a secret that most kinds of light bulbs are mostly on the fragile side. The standard incandescent bulbs were prone to breaking to pieces if you so much as looked at them, while most fluorescent bulbs and a vast majority of other kinds of bulbs are incredibly easy to damage or break. When it comes to LED bulbs though, there is no filament present and the whole unit is massively more solid and durable than any other lighting type.

4 – The Cool Factor

Another great benefit of LED bulbs is the way in which they are designed to emit almost no heat at all. One of the reasons why the old incandescent bulb of the past was so energy-inefficient and costly to use was the way in which almost 85% of the energy they needed was transformed into heat. Quite to the contrary with LED bulbs, there is almost no heat that is generated and hence no energy wasted in a practical sense. And therefore, they have no effect on room temperatures.

5 – Limitless Choice

The LED technology has advanced so much over the last few decades that it’s now possible to purchase LED lights and products in any imaginable size, shape and specification. No matter what your needs, how you would like it to look and where you need it, it’s absolutely guaranteed that there will be a LED product out there to suit your requirements flawlessly. From decorative lighting to primary lighting sources and even battery-powered lighting, LED is able to cover all bases.

6 – Impressive Affordability

Last up, it is always worth remembering that LED bulbs and accessories are these days more affordable than ever before in the past and are universally available and accessible up and down the United Kingdom.