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Stage equipment essentials for a successful outdoor event

Stage equipment essentials for a successful outdoor event

When planning an outdoor event, there are many considerations that need to be thought through. Among all the tasks you will need to take care of, renting proper stage equipment is one of the most important one. From stage hoists to projections screens, there are a few elements that should not miss. Because you probably have a lot on your mind, you need to make a list of all the essentials, to make sure you will not forget any single important item.



The audio equipment you use is highly important, especially for music festivals. Discuss with the hire company you have found and make sure the equipment installed is suitable for the type and proportions of the event hosted. Poor audio quality can ruin an entire festival, so pay attention to this aspect, to avoid any possible unpleasantness.

Projection screen

If the event you will be hosting will be one of large proportions, then renting a projection screen is recommended. This way, you will provide the entire audience with the same viewing experience, which is something you probably desire. Think about how many people will be participating, and hire a projection screen for exactly the viewing capacity you require.


Because any good festival usually lasts the entire night, the lighting equipment you use is another important element for the smooth going of the event. For safety and presentation purposes, proper lighting is essential for outdoor shows. Choose a well-designed lighting equipment that will influence in a positive way the quality of the show. It is also advised to hire a qualified lighting operator, to avoid any incidents.

Stage electricity

If the outdoor event is hosted too far away to use a main source of power, you will need to rent or buy a generator. Without electricity, you will not be able to host the festival, so make sure you have a generator at your disposal that can supply sufficient power for all the lights and PA.

If you desire for your outdoor event to go as perfectly as planned, then make sure to include each important item among the stage equipment required. You can easily find a reputable company that can provide you with the hire and installation services you need. For safety reasons, it is imperative to hire a team of experienced specialist to install all the equipment properly. Look online and find a company that can put at your disposal all the stage equipment essentials