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Types of roommates you are bound to have during college

Types of roommates you are bound to have during college

Moving into a student dorm or suite apartment for the first time is definitely an exciting experience for any person about to start their college experience. If this is the first time you will have a roommate, you should prepare yourself knowing that there are many types of people out there and that you should accept them the way they are. This is a short guide of some of the people you will find during your student accommodation University of Aberdeen experience:


The roommate who’s never there

This person is constantly going home, staying at their loved one or is at the library. They might say that they are going home for the weekend, but then Sunday evening comes and they are nowhere to be seen. By the time you start to get worried, 5 days have passed without seeing them and then they suddenly stroll one Thursday afternoon and act like nothing happened. This is actually one of the roommates you should hope to have, because you will enjoy the benefits of a single room at half the price. However, don’t expect to become best friends, being that they will never be there, but if you ever get bored, you can always invite your friends over.


The one who is always there

Quite the opposite of the first type of roommate, this one will see as if they never leave the house. No matter of the hour, they always seem to be there, watching Netflix or using their computer. At some point you may begin to wonder if they ever attend any classes, but with a little patience you will learn their schedule and get used to their presence.


The party-goer

This person is always attending some party, even if it is Wednesday night and it is pouring rain outside. The problem is that they might also bring the party to your shared bedroom or apartment, in which case it might get uncomfortable, especially if you are not exactly a party animal and you would rather focus on your studies. If this is the case try to come up with a compromise and ask them to avoid staying in as well as find a library or a different place where you can study.

The night owl

Even though they have told you that they work better at night, somehow you will always be surprised when you find them at 3am in the morning, writing on their essay or playing on the computer. If you are bothered by their habit, be sure to ask them to wear their headphones whenever they are playing the computer or study with the lights off, because the desk lamp will do just fine. This is not a problem without a solution; it just takes a little effort from both parts.


These are just four types of roommates you might have during your college experience. Of course, if you are lucky enough you might just find a person who is exactly like you and become best friends from the very first day.