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Useful tips on how to choose an insulation company

Useful tips on how to choose an insulation company

Seeing that quality home insulation is very important, it goes without saying that this job should only be left to the experts and you shouldn’t even consider making a go of it on your own, in a rush. However, you might ask yourself: how can I be sure that I hire the best insulation contractor from the plethora of local companies? You will be right to assume that this task is not always easy and proper research is required to make sure you get the promised results. Take a few weeks to assess the offers on your local market and compare companies. There will be plenty of options for you to choose from and specialties may vary. One contractor will tell you about the benefits of spray foam insulation, while another will try to talk you into choosing blown fiber. But how can you tell apart professionals from shady providers? Consider the following tips:

Online testimonials are essential

Nowadays, no service provider that calls himself professional can justify not having a website or at least some form of online presence. If you cannot find any mention of your contractor online, then it might not be wise to trust him. However, if you do find him, then read their testimonials, not just the ones on the website, but also the ones from review sites such as Yelp or local directories.  Some testimonials can be faked, but it’s much more difficult to hide a scam online nowadays.

Certification and training

Hiring a certified contractor is a must if you want the job to be done according to the highest standards. By choosing a licensed company, you get a guarantee that insulation will be done with quality materials and that workers will respect safety norms. Ask your chosen company to provide you with proof of their training and certification and, if they refuse, look for a better option elsewhere.

Have an open discussion in advance

You shouldn’t start the insulation project without an initial consultation. This is a part that often gets skipped, but it’s very important, because you get to know your contractor better and he understands what requirements you have. During this initial talk, you can ask any questions you want, including materials used, time frame and other details. For example, you can ask them if they will clean up after they finish insulating.

The importance of references from local clients

Online referrals are a great way to discover professional companies, but if you can get a recommendation from people you actually know, it would be much better. Ask friends, family and neighbours if they can refer you to someone. If now, ask your contractor if they can introduce you to some of their clients. This way, you can see the results of their work for yourself and talk to the previous clients what it was like to collaborate with the company.

What about pricing?

Last, but not least, you’re probably wondering how to get the best price/quality ratio and, while looking for bargains is normal, cost should not be your main criterion. Avoid picking the cheapest option, because it’s rarely the best and, instead, try to think of insulation as a long-term investment.