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Warning signs your insulation needs to be replaced

Warning signs your insulation needs to be replaced

Many people tend to neglect the fact that their insulation has reached a certain “age” and it needs to be replaced, and this can lead to discomfort in terms of indoor temperature. If you are not quite sure yourself if your home insulation should or should not be replaced, then there are a few ways to figure it out. Proper insulation is essential for a comfortable indoor environment, and this is why you need to pay more attention to this aspect. Moreover, it is extremely easy to find a Toronto insulation removal company, which can provide you with high quality services, and even reinsulate your entire home, if you require it. Here are the top warning signs that indicate your insulations needs to be replaced:

Imbalanced indoor temperature

The first and most obvious sign of an insulation that needs replacement is an imbalanced indoor temperature. If in some corners of the house the temperature is sufficiently warm, while in others colored, without any logical explanation, then perhaps this is what has caused the issue. When the insulation material has shifted, allowing thus air to infiltrate, your cooling or heating system’s attempt to regulate the temperature will not be a successful one. In order to rectify this unpleasant issue, you need to contact an experienced contractor and to opt for an insulation replacement as soon as possible.

High energy bills

A clear signs of an old insulation that does not function as it should anymore is a high energy bills. Most people do not figure out right from the start that paying more than normal on their bills can be caused by this issue, and they end up wasting money until they find the root of the problem, and it can take some time until they do. If this is the situation in your case, and you are paying way too much on your energy bills, although you have not made any changes in your consumption that you know of, then this is the only logical explanation left.


Last but not least, another way you can tell if the insulation is no longer doing its job is if you have felt any indoor drafts. A poor or an old insulation will allow draft to enter your home, especially in the attic area. Infiltrated drafts can make your home environment unpleasant, and during winter, or colder days, it can even put your health at risk, given the possibility that you can easily catch a cold. A constant draft in your home should be considered one of the warning signs.

If you have noticed one of two of these signs, you should consider a replacement immediately. Do not overlook the importance of this aspect, because the repercussions will show in both your energy bills and improper indoor temperature. Just look for a team of pros who can handle the project, and think about reinsulating your home with a more qualitative material this time, the investment will be worth every penny.