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Wedding catering – aspects you need to know

Sometimes people have the misconception that the most difficult part when planning a wedding is to find the venue. Well, the fact is that, this is one aspect you have to check on your list. When talking with the venue provider you will probably find that they do not offer catering services, so you will have to start looking for a different provider. Also, some venues provide these services, but the menu options are too expensive, or you do not consider them suitable for your event. It does not matter what the reasons are, if you have to catering equipment hire South London, you have to do thorough research from the beginning, to know exactly what this implies.


What does booking a wedding caterer involve?

If you choose a good caterer, it will be a really straightforward process. There are companies that provide even full event planning services alongside with catering, so they will offer you support in whatever aspect you might need. When you book a caterer you should expect to find there professionals who try to get an idea on what you like or dislike. Be prepared to answer them many questions. Depending on the company, you can talk with one of their experts on phone, or you can meet them in person.

What do you have to ask them?

The first thing you have to ask them is if they are available on your wedding day. Also, you should ask them if they work with the venue you have chosen. It is recommended to ask the venue offer you a list of caterers they collaborated before. In case you want a specific menu, you should ask the caterer if they are specialised in that type of cooking. It is important to ask the costs of the services upfront, because you have to know from the beginning if you afford working with them.

What menu should you go for?

If you do not want a specific type of food, you should know that the majority of catering companies are able to deliver current menus. They will offer you a list with menus they offer, and you have the possibility to modify them according to your preferences. Keep in mind that you should be the one that choses the meals, because if you allow your guests to do it, you will end by crossing your budget. In case your guests have dietary issues that prevent them eating certain aliments, you should inform the caterer.