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What it takes to choose the right crane for the job

What it takes to choose the right crane for the job


If you run a family business and you have to handle building projects, then it is important to choose the right crane to hire, because you have to make sure that it meets all your requirements. If you have experience in this domain, then you know that different cranes are used for various purposes, and they have different features. When you have to hire an access platform or a crane, you have to check the specific characteristics of the project, because you have to make sure that you choose the right one. But if you know exactly what device you want when you contact a company that offers tower crane hire, it will make your job easier. Also, it is important to use the right equipment for the job, because in this way you will prevent accidents. You should make sure that you do not put yourself into risk. But the main question is how do you choose the right equipment for the job, well below are some tips that will help you.

Narrow width lifters

If you have to do your job in a tight space, then it is advisable to hire a narrow width lift. They feature a raised platform and your employees will have no issues to stand on. They can access in this way windows, wiring, lights and other similar things that are placed in a high space. If you are working in a small area, alley or stairwell, then you should consider hiring this lifter. But before choosing one, you should check if it fits into your space. The narrow width lifters are made from various materials, and they come with safety features as locking castors, toe-boards and even scaffold protectors.

Cantilever systems

This type of equipment is similar to the width lifter one, but they have a protruding platform on one of the sides. Your employees will be able to work and stand at a length from the lifter because different models have different deck lengths. You should hire this type of crane if you have to reach a high area, because it also includes features like braces, toe-boards and guardrails. If you hire this type of equipment, you should know that you would have to use it with a special type of tower that is able to manage weight. So before deciding upon a model it is recommended to check the supplier’s instructions to see if they have specific safety requirements.

Self erecting tower cranes

If you need an equipment that is able to lift heavy loads to heights and to power themselves, then you should consider hiring a self erecting crane. These cranes are perfect to be used for projects that imply working in restricted areas and where a standard access platform will find difficult to reach. Self erecting cranes work well in confined areas because they are very compact. You can even remote control them, so you will have no difficulties in using them. Each type of crane has its benefits so you have to check your requirements and decide which one of them suits your needs.