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Will your ex come back to you after cheating on her?

Will your ex come back to you after cheating on her?

There are three main factors that will determine whether or not your ex will get back to you after cheating. Even if you generally know how to get a girl back, if you cheated on her, things will be a bit more complicated than usually. These are the main factors that will influence your ex-girlfriend’s decision:


The level of betrayal

Even though some might say that cheating is cheating no matter how to put it, there are in fact several factors that can influence her decision. For instance, how badly did you cheat on them? Did you have an entire relationship wish someone else or was it just a one night stand? Was it someone close to them or just a stranger? Was it only one person or did you sleep with all her girlfriends and her sister too? Your ex is bound to move on easier after a meaningless one night stand or harmless kiss at a party when you were drunk than after sleeping with someone close to her several times behind her back.


Their level of investment

This is another very important factor. How much were they invested in this relationship will determine how much they will be willing to fight for it. This can be measured in the time you were together, whether or not you have kids and how much they ultimately love you. If you and your ex were together for 1 month before she caught you cheating, chances are she will not get back with you, but if you were together for 2 years, it will take some work, but everything is not necessarily lost.


How much hope they have in this relationship

The fact that they no longer trust you is known, but every person carries a certain amount of hope that everything is not lost and they did not waste this much time in a relationship to throw it all away in an instant. While they might need some time off, you may have a chance to get back together if they still have hope in your relationship and if you work really hard to win their trust back. It will not happen overnight though and you will have to be consistent in showing them how sorry you are for what happened and how much you are willing to work for your relationship.


All in all, these are the 3 main factors that will influence whether or not your girlfriend or wife will get back to you after cheating. Unlike other separation reasons, this is by far the most serious one and you two will have a lot of work ahead of you if you want to make your relationship work and prevent this problem from appearing again. You should also think why you cheated her in the first place, because that will help you determine the things you need to work on and the steps you need to take in order to restore the health and happiness of your relationship.