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Working in France – Everything you should know about sick leave

Working in France – Everything you should know about sick leave

Showing up to work on a day in which you feel like staying in bed due to sickness in simply horrible. Although your sickness might not be life threatening, the symptoms make normal functioning unexpectedly hard. In such cases, sick leave is something you should look forward to and your employer should offer the possibility of doing so. If you work under a foreign working regulation, you must be up to date with the laws in force and all the necessary forms, such as those necessary for CPAM. However, if you are interested in finding out more about these regulations in France, make sure you keep reading below.


1. You don’t have to stay exclusively indoor

Regardless of what many say, you don’t have to confine in your house’s comfort. While you will be verified, you are not a prisoner in your home. However, you still have to schedule your absence from home, and it is only motivated by medical visits and appointments. In order to maintain your financial compensation, you have to be at home between two hourly intervals, namely 9 and 11 and 14 and 16. CPAM has all the necessary forms, such as the déclarer arret 93 and it usually authorises every outdoor inquiry of a sick person.

2. You have certain obligations during sick leave

Although it is your right of compensated sick days when needed, you certainly have a couple of obligations in order to benefit from them. First of all, you must justify your absence from work. And for this it is required a medical certificate from your physician. You will take it to CPAM and your employer as well. The CPAM agency needs it because they manage sick leave in France and in order to justify your financial compensation during these days, you have to motivate properly your absence. The medical certificate is formed from three parts, the first two being necessary for CPAM and the last part for your employer.

What are the compensations during sick leave?

The company you work for does not have to assure your compensation for the first two days of sick leave. Nonetheless, if your medical leave is longer than three days, your salary will be assured by social services. However, make sure you check with CPAM if you meet the requirements for receiving a daily allowance. They are the most appropriate institution for this purpose. As a general rule, those working for a year in a company have the right to receive an allowance, and so do those who worked for about 200 hours in the last three months. You must know that everybody meeting these requirements is entitled to receive 50% of their wage.

These are some general rules you should know about if you work under French regulations. Make sure you become familiar with them because on them depends how well you will be treated by your employer and the allowance you are entitled to receive for your sick leave.